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Cold vs Heat: What should I use, when? >
Knowing when to use cold therapy and when to use heat therapy will significantly increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Using them incorrectly can increase pain and swelling, rather than reduce them. Cold beats heat for treating pain, swelling, bruises and inflammation in most circumstances. Cold slows blood flow, reducing swelling, bruising and inflammation. It's often best for short-term pain, for example sprain or strain.
Heat boosts the flow of blood and nutrients to an area of the body. It often works best for muscle pain or stiffness. Don’t use heat in case of swelling tissue, it will cause contraindications, where the swelling increases and the inflammation spreads to nearby tissues.

When to use cold therapy? >
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Product >
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MSM enhances the permeability
of menthol, anti-inflammatory
and analgesic ingredients.
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The outermost layer of the human skin, the stratum corneum, is responsible for its barrier function. Most topically administered drugs do not have the ability to penetrate the stratum corneum.

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Cool-X is enhanced with MSM which helps to improve permeation capabilities.

Cool-X Cold Gel provides moderate long acting reduction (5-6˚C) of the skin temperature, for 2-4 hours, without the risks of counter reactions or frostbite. It offers a possibility to use features and benefits of cold as long as needed.
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Cool-X is enhanced with Eucalyptus oil and Mentha piperita oil providing unsurpassed anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
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Cool-X Provides Immediate & Deep Pain Relief
Instruction to use >
Step 1 - Massage a thin layer of Cool-X Cold Gel onto the painful area.
Step 2 - Re-apply a 2nd layer after 5 mins of 1st application.
Step 3 - Repeat step 1 and 2 every 3 hours as needed, for effective results.

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