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A muscle cramp is a sudden, unexpected tightening of one or more muscles. The contraction of muscles can be painful. They’re common, involuntary and unpredictable.

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Symptoms >

• Painful involuntary tightening or contracting of muscles

• Muscles twitch under your skin and it feels hard when touched

Causes >

• Not enough stretching

• Overusing the muscle

• Dehydration

• Depletion of electrolytes (e.g. insufficient magnesium)

• Restriction in the blood supply


Treatment Options >

• Stretch the muscle

• Massage the affected area

• Apply heat or cold pack

• Take painkillers

• Magnesium supplementation

 Take warm baths or shower for better blood circulation 

Why is Magnesium Important? >

• Maintenance of normal muscle contraction and relaxation

• For energy metabolism in the body

• For proper cell, tissue, and organ function

• Reduces inflammation caused by muscle cramps or muscle tightness

Reasons for Topical / Transdermal Magnesium >
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• Faster and more efficient onset compared to oral form magnesium :

A. Oral form magnesium is only absorbed in the intestines and as low as 24% of orally taken magnesium is absorbed.

B. Topical form magnesium is absorbed immediately to the applied area. 

• Significantly increases cellular magnesium levels and reducing the frequencies of cramps

• Magnesium levels in blood may not be indicative of magnesium levels within the muscles 

• Less risk of diarrhoea. Less risk of drug-drug interaction 

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