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Cool-X Cold Gel is a fast and long-acting treatment for acute soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints) injuries. Cool-X will reduce the blood supply to the injury, thereby reducing inflammation, bruising and swelling that causes pain. It can temporarily reduce nerve activity which can also relieve pain. 


Menthol, MSM, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Mentha

Piperita Oil.

Usage and Instruction of use:

Apply a thin layer of Cool-X onto the area to be treated.

Re-apply a second layer after 5 minutes of 1st application.

Repeat step 1 and 2 every 3 hours as needed, for effective results.

Step 1 -

Step 2 -

Step 3 -

Avoid contact with broken skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

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